16 Presentation Tips for Students to Impress Your Classmates

Do you get nervous when giving a presentation? Presenting in a classroom full of students can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are a freshman new to the concept.

However, do not fret over it because, with the tips below, you can easily impress your instructor and score an excellent grade.

Arrive on Time

As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. Always be punctual for your presentations.

Besides leaving a good first impression, it also gives you the time to sort out any issues, such as technical difficulties, so that the presentation goes smoothly.

Also, if your presentation is on screen, always come prepared with several backups, such as an extra USB or downloaded files.


Surprise Your Audience

Everyone in a classroom expects you to make a boring presentation.

Students might start dozing off halfway into the presentation. However, aim to surprise your said audience. Use different but interesting tactics to keep them attentive and engaged.

For instance, you can use memes and animations to present your idea and address all the questions and concerns.

Adding a new dimension to your presentation will surely make you stand out! So do not hesitate to tweak your boring slides and surprise your classroom.

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Don't Just Read

Usually, students write everything they need to say on a PowerPoint slide and just read it out. Please do not make that mistake.

The slides are only meant to be used as pointers that will trigger and get you going with the flow of words. Moreover, work smartly and spend your time coming up with appropriate keywords instead of lengthy and dull descriptions.

Presentation Tips for Students

Show Off Your Personality

Do you have a good sense of humor? Are you good at impressions and limericks?

Use these traits to make your presentation more entertaining. It will also make you look more confident and approachable. T

his is especially important if your topic of discussion is dull. Moreover, being real and lively is how you keep the audience interested for as long as possible.

Encourage Yourself

You are your biggest motivator. Thus, pump up yourself before the presentation so you can loosen up your nerves and give the best presentation of your life.

Jump up and down, or scream the title of your presentation to keep your energy levels high. Ensure to do it in a separate room where no one can see you.


When you are lively and pumped, it is easier to keep your audience energized. In addition, show off your excitement to take the stage; after all, you are not some dull old instructor lecturing his students.

Maintain Good Eye Contact

Always maintain good eye contact with your audience while presenting your speech. Look everywhere in the room. Do not just stick your eyes to the middle aisle. Look around and naturally move your eyes to every side of the room.

Oftentimes, students just keep their focus on the instructor. Keeping the instructor attentive does not guarantee you a good grade. What matters more is how effectively you have delivered your message to your overall audience.

Use Powerful Images

For an effective presentation, let interactive images take over your screen. You can use bullet points and keywords, but a colorful or controversial image will have a better impact on the audience.

However, make sure to use relevant and comprehendible images that befit the content of your presentation.

You might want to check out this software, Prezentar to help you with these images.

Use Anecdotes and Stories

We listen to someone when we connect with them, and what forms a better connection than a personal story? Hence, incorporate stories and anecdotes in your presentation to have your audience listen to you more carefully.

Sharing a personal story with your audience can also help gain their trust. It is as if you are sharing a piece of yourself with them, thus stirring myriad emotions in them.

In short, when you convey a message through narration, the message is usually received and understood well.

Pick a Relevant Story

When picking a story for your presentation, always choose the one that is short, relevant, and interesting. Otherwise, this technique will only drive your audience away.

Luckily, as a student, you present to your peers whom you have already spoken to at least once. This makes it easier for you to understand them - their interests, activities, challenges, etc. With this information, you can easily pick a story to share with them.


You can also leverage on-campus events to convey your point better. A recent or even an old memorable event is likely to stay with them for a long time. Find it out and try to connect with your audience through it.

Always Come Prepared

It is a fact that when you have more knowledge about a subject, you can speak about it more confidently. Research and understand the given topic and be prepared to answer any questions thrown your way.

This means overloading your slides with points from Wikipedia does not cut it. You must have a thorough knowledge of what you put in there so that you don't become incoherent when asked about it.

Moreover, maintain a candid attitude and admit when you don't know something. 

Start With a Mind Map

Creating a mind map ensures efficient planning and execution. It helps you stay organized before, during, and after the presentation. Hence, you know when to share a story, change slides, ask questions or perform any activity.

It gives an outline of the entire act, ensuring better control throughout. Moreover, it helps to connect the points and maintain a smooth content flow. This will prevent you from jumping between topics and confusing your audience.

Mind maps also ensure that you do not miss out on any integral detail.

Try a Theme

Most of the time, students ignore the importance of choosing an appropriate theme for their presentation. The right theme can make you look more professional and prepared. It also helps you choose the right images to adjust with your content.

You can set up your own theme, find one online, or pick one from the default PowerPoint collection.

Practice a Lot

You will only feel prepared and confident by practicing well before the presentation.

Doing it in the presentation room multiple times beforehand would be a plus as you'll get used to the setting there. If not the same space, look for something similar.

Furthermore, since you will not be presenting to empty chairs, involve a few people in your practice. You can ask your friends or family members to become your mock audience.    

Apologize When You Need To

No man is perfect. Even the most successful speakers may make mistakes on stage sometimes. What makes you any better?

However, that does not mean you should not prepare. In fact, you should prepare very well so that if you make a mistake, you can own it confidently and do not have to cover it up with excuses.

Honestly, mistakes are not something to be ashamed of after working so hard on perfecting your presentation.    

Simply apologize if you are at fault, and if possible, appreciate the person who pointed it out. Humility always looks great with confidence, and everyone loves a humble person.

Wear Your Best Smile

Always wear your best smile. That way, you seem approachable and friendly. The audience will interact with you and might also engage in a discussion.

Hence, the presentation will seem much more lively and interesting.

Observe Other Speakers

If you are extremely nervous about the presentation, you can observe other famous speakers. Watch their videos on YouTube to see how they present in front of their audience.

Notice their body language and gestures. Look at the themes and colors they have incorporated in their presentation.

Bottom Line: Presentation Tips for Students

As a student, giving a presentation in a huge classroom is daunting. Especially if you have anxiety issues, a presentation can be quite nerve-wracking. However, do not worry because you will ace your presentation with these tips shared in the article.

Do not fret too much, and be relaxed before you start. Hopefully, the presentation will flow like a conversation when you are fully prepared.

Remember to stay calm, cool, and collected.