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Speaking Off-the-Cuff: How to Tackle an Impromptu Speech

Imagine you are at your best friend’s wedding and you are sitting at the table just enjoying the food and company.

You’re relaxed, and perhaps a little buzzed.

Then the emcee of the event (being weak at impromptu speaking) calls you.

“Why don’t you share a few words about your best friend, John?”

You look around. There are 30 tables and each table has 10 guests. 300 people. Oh oh.

Your heart starts pounding fast, you begin sweating and you start thinking of an excuse. But everyone starts clapping and cheering you on.

The emcee walks to you and passes you the microphone. The spotlight is on you.

What would you do?

Do you run away? Or do you take the mic and possibly embarrass yourself?

Wouldn’t you wish you had learnt to do impromptu speaking?

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