10 Best Online Public Speaking Courses for Beginners

Are you eager to master the art of public speaking but don’t know where to start? Embracing this skill can dramatically improve your self-confidence and open doors for professional opportunities.

Our handpicked list of the top 10 online public speaking courses for beginners will guide you through your journey, giving you a platform to learn, practice and perfect your oral presentation skills.

Get ready, it’s time to overcome those stage jitters and captivate audiences with confidence!

Key Takeaways

  • Mastering public speaking skills is crucial for professional growth and personal development, as it can open doors to career opportunities and boost self-confidence.
  • The top 10 online public speaking courses for beginners include options like Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization (University of Washington), Public Speaking Masterclass for Every Occasion (Udemy), RIT Public Speaking (EdX), and VirtualSpeech Public Speaking Program.
  • These courses offer comprehensive training on various aspects of public speaking, such as speech delivery, body language, audience engagement, overcoming stage fright, and crafting engaging speeches.
  • By enrolling in these courses, beginners can acquire practical skills to become confident and effective communicators in any situation.

Importance of Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking skills hold significant weight in the professional world, acting as a catalyst for career advancement. From teaching and fundraising to sales, articulation of ideas can carve out profitable opportunities and pave the path towards individual success.

Emphasizing teamwork and collaboration, effective public speaking allows you to share your thoughts seamlessly, fire up discussions, and propose solutions that can be groundbreaking.

Boosting not merely your career prospects but also enriching your personal life with confidence and eloquence is another impactful advantage of mastering this skill. A captivating speaker enthralls an audience effortlessly! Plus, engaging talks filled with enthusiasm often spice up even mundane team meetings or client interactions.

Hence, building competence in public speaking through online courses holds immense importance in both personal growth and professional development arenas – it’s all about sharing ideas effectively while leaving a memorable imprint on listeners.

Top 10 Online Public Speaking Courses for Beginners

Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization (University of Washington)

Embarking on your public speaking journey? The Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization by the University of Washington is a phenomenal starting point. This specialized online course, touted among the top 10 for beginners in 2023, is accessible via the Coursera platform.

It offers an intensive program uniquely designed to enhance your speech delivery and presentation skills while simultaneously boosting your confidence.

The course breakdown includes four comprehensive modules aiming at effective communication and persuasive speaking. Each module equips you with essential tools and techniques required for efficient public speaking practices, addressing important aspects like body language, vocal projection, audience engagement, and overcoming stage fright.

By integrating this certification into your learning path, you’re signing up to transform from a beginner speaker to a dynamic one! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hone your skill set with one of the best courses available in 2023.

Public Speaking Masterclass for Every Occasion (Udemy)

Dive into the realm of effective communication with the “Public Speaking Masterclass for Every Occasion” on Udemy. This high-rated, best-selling course is a powerful resource designed to help beginners master public speaking.

It offers insights into crafting engaging speeches and memorable presentations, blending theory and practical exercises perfectly. The expert instructor brings 20 years of self-improvement training experience to guide you through smooth delivery techniques and presentation styles that stick.

Moreover, it’s not just about stage presence; this course also arms you with strategies to combat stage fright, fostering confidence building for all types of speakers. So whether you’re aspiring to be a professional speaker or looking to enhance your presentation skills in your profession, this comprehensive online course offers an excellent starting point.

RIT Public Speaking (EdX)

RIT Public Speaking (EdX) is a top-rated online course for beginners looking to enhance their public speaking skills. Available on the edX platform, this comprehensive course is designed to help individuals improve their speech-making abilities and advance their careers.

With no prior knowledge required, RIT Public Speaking covers all the necessary skills needed for effective public speaking. It is highly recommended for professionals and students who want to confidently communicate in any situation.

One of the best aspects of this course is that it’s completely free, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals seeking to develop their public speaking prowess.

VirtualSpeech Public Speaking Program

VirtualSpeech Public Speaking Program is one of the top 10 online public speaking courses for beginners. It stands out from the rest by incorporating virtual reality technology, providing a unique and immersive learning experience.

With over 130 courses available, VirtualSpeech is recommended as the best program for practicing and improving public speaking skills. The comprehensive curriculum covers various aspects of effective communication, enabling individuals to build confidence and deliver impactful presentations.

This program is accessible to anyone around the world who wants to advance their careers and develop strong communication skills. By offering interactive exercises and personalized feedback, VirtualSpeech helps individuals overcome their fear of public speaking and become successful speakers.

Introduction to Public Speaking (University of Washington)

The University of Washington offers a highly recommended four-course specialization called “Introduction to Public Speaking.” This online program equips beginners with the skills needed to become confident and effective public speakers.

Through interactive practice and instruction, students learn the principles of public speaking and analyze both their own speeches and those of others. The course emphasizes the importance of addressing contentious public issues in speech assignments, allowing participants to engage with real-world topics.

Whether you’re just starting out or seeking advanced techniques, this comprehensive MOOC has everything you need to improve your public speaking skills.

Finding Your Professional Voice: How to Speak Effectively in Any Situation (Udemy)

“Finding Your Professional Voice: How to Speak Effectively in Any Situation” is a highly recommended online public speaking course offered on Udemy. This course, part of the top 10 list for beginners, is designed to help individuals enhance their communication skills and gain confidence in public speaking.

Taught by the knowledgeable instructor Chris Haroun, it covers essential topics such as presentation skills, communication concepts, and rhetoric. By enrolling in this course, learners will acquire proven techniques and strategies for delivering impactful presentations.

Whether you are just starting out or want to polish your existing abilities, “Finding Your Professional Voice” provides a strong foundation for improving your communication abilities and finding authenticity in your public speaking endeavors.

Speak Up: How to Present with Confidence and Clarity (LinkedIn Learning)

Boost your public speaking skills with “Speak Up: How to Present with Confidence and Clarity” from LinkedIn Learning. This online course is designed for beginners looking to enhance their communication abilities.

Learn effective techniques to overcome speaking barriers and build self-confidence, while balancing authenticity in your presentations. Evaluate different styles of speakers and improve your own public speaking skills through speaker analysis.

Whether you’re presenting in the workplace or addressing an audience, this course will help you speak up with confidence and clarity. Don’t let the fear of public speaking hold you back – enroll today and unlock your full potential as a persuasive communicator.

Public Speaking Training & Tips to Overcome Your Fear (Skillshare)

Public Speaking Training & Tips to Overcome Your Fear is one of the top 10 online public speaking courses for beginners available on Skillshare. This course offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from the basics of public speaking to advanced techniques for overcoming your fear.

With over 130 public speaking courses available on Skillshare, you have plenty of options to choose from! These courses are specifically designed to equip individuals with effective strategies and tools for becoming confident communicators.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to polish your skills, Skillshare’s public speaking courses can help you master the art of presenting with confidence and clarity. Don’t let your fear hold you back – sign up today and take the first step towards becoming an exceptional public speaker!

The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking/Speech Course (Udemy)

Looking to improve your public speaking skills? Look no further than “The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking/Speech Course” on Udemy. This highly practical course is based on real-life experience, providing you with the tools needed to excel in public speaking.

Led by instructor TJ, who has created several best-selling courses in communication and personal development, this course offers over 50 presentations for you to practice and enhance your skills.

With 25 speech/presentation guidebooks included, you’ll have extensive resources at your disposal. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert looking to further hone their skills, this course will help you become a confident and effective communicator in less than 45 minutes.

Speaking to Inspire: Ceremonial and Motivational Speeches (MasterClass)

Speaking to Inspire: Ceremonial and Motivational Speeches is an exceptional online course offered by MasterClass that aims to transform individuals into captivating public speakers. Led by renowned experts in the field, this masterclass provides a comprehensive approach to composing and delivering inspirational speeches that leave a lasting impact on the audience.

Whether you aspire to motivate others or simply want to enhance your public speaking skills, this course offers valuable techniques and strategies for engaging audiences and connecting with any crowd.

As part of the top 10 online public speaking courses for beginners, Speaking to Inspire equips learners with the tools necessary to advance their careers through effective communication in any situation.


In conclusion, these top 10 online public speaking courses for beginners offer a fantastic opportunity to enhance your communication skills and boost your confidence on stage. Whether you’re an aspiring speaker or simply want to improve your presentation abilities, this curated list provides a range of options suitable for every occasion.

With certification courses, masterclasses, and beginner-friendly programs available, there’s no excuse not to take the leap and embark on your public speaking journey today!


1. What are the benefits of taking an online public speaking course for beginners?

Taking an online public speaking course allows beginners to develop effective communication skills, gain confidence in presenting ideas, improve speech delivery, learn how to engage with audiences, and overcome stage fright or nervousness.

2. How do I choose the right online public speaking course for beginners?

When choosing an online public speaking course for beginners, consider factors such as the instructor’s expertise and experience, course curriculum and structure, student reviews and testimonials, availability of interactive learning materials or activities, and whether the course offers personalized feedback or coaching.

3. Can I take these courses at my own pace?

Yes, most online public speaking courses for beginners offer flexible scheduling options that allow you to learn at your own pace. This means you can access the content whenever it fits your schedule and revisit modules or lessons as needed.

4. Will I receive a certificate upon completion of these courses?

Many reputable online public speaking courses provide certificates upon successful completion that can be added to your resume or LinkedIn profile. However, it’s important to research each individual course to confirm if they offer certificates before enrolling.