17 Best Gifts for Speakers That Are Practical and Thoughtful

Doesn't a speaker deserve a sophisticated gift for an amazing performance?

Speakers are the heart of any event. A strong lineup can mean the difference between a basic event and one that gets attendees excited. Chances are that your guest speakers have put in their best while preparing for your event.

If they feel appreciated, they’re likely to spread the word about how great your event was. So, it is important to properly thank your keynote speakers after wrapping up your event.

A handwritten note is a good start, but you can do better than that. Below are some thoughtful gift ideas that can work with any budget.

1. Scented Candles

Everyone loves to relax, and a scented candle is perfect for staying calm before the next big event. These candles are aromatherapeutic and can evoke emotive reactions. This means they can evoke memories that link the scented candle to your company.

That way, your business remains memorable to the speaker even months after your event. Consider adding your logo as an extra business branding opportunity.

2. Travel Adapters

Travel adapters are often a necessity for speakers that travel a lot. These adapters come with special plugs and different outlet heads. So, whatever country they’re in, the speaker can plug in and charge their mobile phone and other devices.

If you know the specific devices they use, you can get specific adapters for them. This shows that you put much thought into the gift and will make them feel appreciated.

3. Reusable Travel Mugs

Event speakers may need to drink coffee or energy drinks on the go. This often helps them to stay alert as they shuffle from one event to another. So, why not give them a travel mug they can carry around?

These often look like standard disposable coffee mugs, except that you can clean and reuse them. It’s a stylish gift that can make your speaker feel appreciated, and they can use it for a long time.

4. Bluetooth Tracker

Tech items make for some of the best corporate gift ideas. A Bluetooth tracker is a novel and very useful gift. It is perfect for people who need assistance keeping track of their keys, wallets, and other personal items.

This small but powerful token is something your guest speaker can easily carry around. So, your brand will always come to mind whenever they use their tracker.

5. Combined Utility Gifts

You can put together a collection of corporate gift items for your speaker. These include custom pop sockets that make handling smartphones easier or simple earphones for music lovers.

A key organizer is another unique item you can add to the collection. It eliminates the annoying jingling sound that keys make every time you pull them out to make a selection. The options are endless. Research your speaker and curate custom gift items to fit them.

6. Corporate Necessities

Giving out wire-bound notebooks or branded bags may not be novel gift ideas in modern times. However, we can’t deny that these items are some popular corporate world staples. As basic as they seem, everyone in the corporate world uses them, and an extra wouldn’t hurt.

To make these items seem more special, you can brand them with your logo. Alternatively, you can make custom imprints on these items with the speaker’s name. Go for trusted brands with quality materials so that your gift, while being basic, doesn’t seem that way.

7. Tea Set

Consider the fact that not all event speakers are coffee lovers. If you research and find that your speaker prefers tea, curate a unique tea set instead. Then, you can add a diverse collection of tea bags to the set.

This way, they have different flavors to look forward to every time they make a cup. Then, add a custom mug engraved with their name or one of their popular quotes. Throw in a warm fuzzy blanket as a bonus and complete the experience.

8. Laser Pointer

A laser pointer is a compact pen-like device that produces a light beam from a power source, usually batteries. Its purpose is to highlight items on a larger screen. For speakers who work with digital aids, this may be a thoughtful gift and a game changer.

Add a unique touch to it by engraving the speaker's name on it. This easily sets your laser pointer apart from others that the speaker may have already. A laser pointer is a simple, cost-effective, and practical gift option.

9. Pocket Business Card Holders

Speaking events are for more than just speaking. Attendees and speakers use these events to network with people in similar fields or people that interest them. Any speaker without a ready business card is often assumed not to be worth their salt.

So, give your event speaker a thoughtful and handy corporate gift that keeps their business cards within reach.

10. Illustrations

Another gift idea is to get an artist to attend the event and create colorful sketches from the day. These sketches can capture the speaker in interesting light and make fun souvenirs.

Hiring artists or caricaturists is often very low cost when added to your overall event budget. These illustrations can even double as content material for your social media platforms.

11. Free Tickets

Another way to appreciate your speaker is to put them on the guest list for your next event.

However, confirm that this event aligns with their interests, then give them a free pass or VIP access. That way, they can attend your event without having to work and still enjoy special treatment.

12. Waterproof Tablet or Laptop Bags

Laptops and other tech devices are basic requirements for slideshows and other business engagements. These devices may even be a primary communication channel, especially in this age of email exchanges and video conferencing.

So, you can assume that your speaker’s laptop is an essential business item that must be protected. You can find out what device your event speaker uses and get a matching waterproof covering as a gift.

13. Webcam and Microphone

The popularity of virtual events, online meetings, and remote work has skyrocketed since the Coronavirus pandemic. Speakers often have to adjust to making appearances via video conferencing tools.

As such, the demand for tech equipment like microphones and webcams has hit the roof. These tools help to create clear audio and pictures to improve the virtual experience. Gifting your speaker a custom duo of webcam and microphone is a thoughtful way to support their business.

14. Padfolios

A padfolio is one of the best corporate gifts anyone can receive. So, we couldn’t miss adding it to our list of gift ideas for speakers. Most people carry their phones, ID, notepads, and other important items, especially for speaking events.

A padfolio helps keep these items organized and can be a life-saving tool at a busy event or conference. You can add your brand logo to this gift item to improve your brand awareness and identity.

15. Portable Charging Pad

Speaking events like conferences and seminars can feel endless, and not everyone carries a charger. So, keeping mobile phones alive is often a tricky task. That’s why event attendees and speakers alike often appreciate gifts like portable charging pads.

These charging pads make it easy to make calls, browse the internet and save contact information while networking. It is a convenient way to pump phones with juice and stash business cards.

16. Gift Cards or Vouchers

You may be used to giving out gift vouchers to loved ones during special events like holidays or birthdays. Why not consider this thoughtful gift option as a way to show appreciation to speakers at your event? This way, you don’t have to bother researching to find out what they like.

Many online stores offer these gift vouchers in different price ranges. So, whoever receives the voucher can use it on various items and buy anything they want.

17. Goodie Bag

Why give one item when you can give several? A goodie bag or gift basket is a perfect way to appreciate your event speakers.

Plus, it adds an extra element of surprise, as the receiver cannot predict what is inside. You can even make your goodie bag a combination of some of the items we listed above.

For example, consider combining a coffee mug, notebook, and charging pad in a gift box. Then, add your brand logo and a personalized thank you note for an extra touch.

Conclusion: Most Practical Gifts for Speakers

You will find options for different price ranges when considering gift ideas for your event speakers.

However, remember to factor in your speaker’s transport arrangement so that your gift is not a serious inconvenience. If thinking up thoughtful gift ideas is a bother, we saved you the stress. Consider some of the gift ideas we put together above.